Calla Lilies Type

The Calla Lily which is originally from the continent of Africa, is rich with history, and has been treasured as a flower of celebration since the ancient roman times. The Calla Lily is unparalleled in its sophistication, simple beauty and innate grace. The Calla Lily, first cherished as a celebration of light, then a funeral flower, in today's world the Calla Lily has become one of the most desired flowers brides use to celebrate their wedding day. Calla lilies make an elegant addition to any home, and are symbolic of purity and beauty. As a cut flower, Calla Lilies last a long time making the Calla Lily's bloom is a show-stopper with its wide range of colors make it a special flower to enjoy. The Calla Lily is a thing of timeless beauty that excels in celebration of weddings, sympathy or just to celebrate the joy of living.

Calla Lilies

Buying a Calla Lilies Bouquet (Tips for choosing and caring for Calla lilies)

Calla lilies are exquisite flowers with long trumpet-shaped blossoms and thick fibrous stems. Fresh Calla lilies are mostly open but with the outer petal still reaching upward. The middle of the flower is clean with no signs of pollination. The calla lilies show good color with no bruising. Older Calla lilies have the outer petal curving downward with the middle of the flower exposed, with the middle showing signs of pollen. The calla lilies may also have bruising or discoloration, especially on the outer edges of the petal. Calla lilies have thick, fibrous stems that act much like a sponge. The stems absorb and hold water. This is why calla lilies have such a long vase life and are such a low maintenance flower. Be sure to cut the calla lilies stems every few days to allow fresh water to penetrate the blossom. Calla lilies stems sometimes turn to mush because the stems hold water and the ends become clogged. Calla lilies need a constant water flow to remain fresh.