Flower Meaning

Flower Meanings can be of any nature. Be it Everlasting love, Friendship, Concealed love or Innocent love, you can express range of emotions through flowers. Flowers are meant for all occasions. When words are unable to convey thoughtfulness and love, flowers easily pass the message and express feelings on sender's behalf.

It is generally believed the practice of assigning meanings to flowers began in Turkey during the seventeenth century. Lovers began using floral exchanges to convey particular messages. The Victorian era witnessed rise in the popularity of flower language and corresponding meaning assigned to different flowers. In England, dozens of dictionaries of "florography" were published during that period. Suitors carefully studied these guidebooks to select appropriate bouquets for their sweethearts.

There has been common perception related to feelings and expression attributed to different flowers. Still, it's very tough to assemble a list of flower meanings as each flower has many different connotations depending on the reference. Also, different cultures ascribe different qualities to various blooms. So, you'll probably get a different answer depending on which geographical location the person belongs to whom you ask. There can be specific flower meanings that are associated with flower types or colors but mostly the flower meanings can be personalized or heartfelt. When giving the gift of flowers, people tend to personalize the experience by offering the types and/or colors that carry a significant meaning to the person or occasion.

Flower meanings express a milieu of emotions and sentiments. Your love is reciprocated, Splendid Beauty, Timidity, Forsaken, Expectations, Pure of heart, Innocence, Hope in love, Felicity, Delicacy, Single blessedness, or Good luck - you name it - flowers touch every string of emotions. Similarly, sunflowers can mean either haughtiness or respect. The iris, being named for the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, still represents a message being sent. A pansy flower means thoughts, a daffodil regard, and a string of ivy signifies fidelity.

Flower Meanings