Roses - Flower Type

With their far-reaching popularity, roses are the queens of flowers. After buttercup, the roses are the second oldest variety of flowers on the planet. Biologists can trace roses back some 200 million years! Although there is a huge number of meanings and symbols associated with roses, the most common of course is love, which originated in Greek mythology. When Aphrodite cried about the death of her lover Adonis, she had red "Adonis Roses" grown with his blood, - thus red roses are the symbol of never-ending love. Important to mention are the roses' thorns, of which we all probably have some painful memory. Symbolically, love can be painful and full of suffering when not treated carefully.

  • RED ROSES : I love you, unconscious beauty
  • WHITE ROSES : Spiritual love, purity
  • YELLOW ROSES : Joy, gladness
  • ORANGE ROSES : Fascinated, enthusiastic
  • PINK ROSES : Grace, gentility
  • TEA ROSE : I'll Remember Always
  • THORNLESS ROSE : Love at First Sight
  • WHITE AND RED ROSES MIXED : Unity, Flower Emblem of England
  • ROSEBUDS : Beauty and Youth, A Heart Innocent of Love
  • RED ROSEBUDS : Pure and Lovely
  • WHITE ROSEBUDS : Girlhood
  • ROSE SINGLE FULL BLOOM: I Love You, I Still Love You