Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers as with most light colors bloom the earliest, so is naturally associated with spring. Spring Bouquets often feature yellow and white flowers such as tulips or lilies. Yellow daffodils symbolize unrequited love, a yellow rose stands for friendship and yellow flowers are often associated with Easter and Passover. We feature a mix of all types of yellow flowers, either artfully combined or featured separately as bouquets of a particular flower type, as yellow roses, yellow oriental lilies or yellow tulips.

About Yellow Flowers

Yellow, is the color of joy and yellow flowers tend to be sunny and easy to combine. Yellow symbolizes summer, warmth and vitality, yellow flowers especially if bright yellow seem to radiate this same golden solar energy. Most yellow flowers tend to enlarge a space and need little light due to their strong reflection and iridescent nature.

Yellow flowers are synonymous with feelings of cheerfulness, joy, warmth and happiness. A bouquet of yellow flowers is a perfect floral gift for a friend or as a get well flower bouquet to cheer someone up. Yellow flowers also make great I'm sorry flowers when you want to apologize or show you care. A fresh yellow flower bouquet, be it a single flower bouquet of yellow roses or yellow lilies or mixed yellow spring flower bouquet creates an energy of happiness and cheer, guaranteed to brighten your loved ones day.

Yellow Flower Meanings

  • Yellow Sunflower – Ambition, Pride
  • Yellow Rose Flower – joy and friendship.
  • Yellow Tulip Flower – cheerful thoughts
  • Yellow Gerbera Flower – "I will try hard to earn your love."  
  • Yellow Lily Flower – I'm walking on air, false, gay.
  • Yellow Carnation Flower - Disdain