About Me (and Only Flowers!)

Greetings, flower aficionados! Welcome to my blossoming space where petals tell their stories and leaves share their secrets. While I may not hold formal titles like ‘expert florist’, and you certainly won’t see me on TV alongside Alan Titchmarsh or Monty Don, my connection to the world of flowers is deep and personal, much like many of you. I do bring to the table plenty of firsthand experience.

I remember, as a young boy, that time spent with flowers and gardening was commonplace. Nurtured by my father’s green thumb, whether in the front or back garden or at his allotment, my days were painted with color. Those memories of both my parents breathing life into seeds and transforming our gardens into a floral haven inspired my own journey into gardening.

Over the last few years, I’ve come full circle, tending to an allotment of my own alongside my family. Cultivating our garden and growing flowers of our own has been a constant joy in my life. Below is my son’s recently grown sunflower 😊🌻

Closeup of the homegrown sunflower which was planted by my son this year

This website is a bouquet of my experiences and discoveries. Dive in to uncover the stories behind flower meanings, arm yourself with practical growing tips, and indulge in delightful floral trivia. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting to explore the world of flowers, there’s a petal of knowledge here for everyone. Join me, as we nurture our love for flowers and grow together!

About Only Flowers

I created this space out of a deep passion for all things floral and a desire to both share and expand my knowledge. My dream is for Only Flowers to blossom into the go-to resource for anyone curious about the world of blooms, from the intricate details of roses to the rich symbolism of sunflowers and the captivating meanings from the Victorian era.

Every piece of information, every story shared here, is crafted with the hope of enlightening and inspiring you. And as we grow, stay tuned for consistent updates and exciting content on our YouTube channel. If Only Flowers brightens your day with a beautiful floral image or answers a floral query, then my mission is accomplished!

Thanks, Craig 🌺

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