We all know how sad it is when a loved one passes. There are so many decisions to be made, especially when it comes to organizing a funeral.

There are memorial flowers to think about, as well as flowers for the church or crematorium. If the person who’s passed is being cremated, you will need to pick a floral arrangement to fit around the urn. It may also be the case that your friend or relative has passed and you are unable to be there in person. Even though you’re miles away, you still want to show your support to a grieving friend or family member. Flowers are the perfect way to do that. We have an article on sending flowers to another state.

In this article, we will be talking about types of flowers that could be used in an arrangement to fit in and around the square urn.

Before moving on to this, there are a few things to consider. It’s important to think about practicalities. As standard-sized and square urns aren’t that high, very tall flowers such as sunflowers or gladioli are probably not going to be suitable.

What Is A Standard-Sized Urn?

According to Boston Cremation who also cite The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) has determined that the size of a standard urn is 200 cubic inches, but slightly smaller or larger urns are available and range from 175 to 300 cubic inches. Generally, cremations are one cubic inch for each pound of body weight.

How To Place Flowers Around the Urn

  1. Place flowers in the vase according to color and size. For example, place smaller flowers first, then larger ones.
  2. Add water to the vase and make sure it is not too full or too empty.
  3. Choose a flower arrangement that is appropriate for the occasion, such as: a bouquet of mixed flowers, an arrangement of assorted roses, or a simple spray of lilies.
  4. Place the flowers in the urn, such as: a bouquet of mixed flowers on top of the urn itself, an arrangement of assorted roses at either end, or a simple spray of lilies at the front.
  5. Leave enough space for people to walk around and place their own flowers on top of yours.
  6. Add some decorative elements, such as: a small picture frame with a photo of the deceased and their family members, an image of two hearts entwined (for a marriage), or some ribbons and a beautiful hand written message. If you are need help to find the perfect words to pay tribute to your loved one please check the link below:

Find Over 250 carefully selected poems, quotations and readings covering the vast range of emotions caused by bereavement

What Are The Best Square Urn Flowers?

Depending on your circumstances, it might feel appropriate to add a more personal touch to your choice of floral tribute. For example, the person who has passed might have liked a particular type of flower.

Alternatively, they might have been very quirky or traditional in their tastes, which could influence the types of flowers you decide on. It could be that they have already let you know their preferences.

Whatever the situation is, let’s look at some of the different flowers you could choose to add to your urn arrangement.


Different color roses symbolize different things. Whilst red roses are commonly associated with a romantic or everlasting love, they can also represent sorrow.

Beautiful roses for funeral

Pink roses are a sign of grace. White roses on the other hand mark innocence and purity.

Pink and white roses together in an arrangement portray enduring love, which can be a very fitting tribute.

Yellow roses are a sign of friendship.

With so many different possibilities, It’s easy to see why roses are a popular choice for flower arrangements for funerals.


Historically lilies have always been an obvious choice for funeral flowers. White lilies symbolize peace.

Elegant lilies that could be used in a square urn flower arrangement

Some also say that lilies have a deeper meaning. It is said that lilies represent the soul of the person who has passed, returning it to its original state of purity and innocence.

Either way, lilies can work well with other flowers as part of an arrangement, as well as being classically elegant.

Furthermore, the stargazer lily represents deep sympathy.


Carnations are also a good choice, partly because they are more economical than roses or lilies.

Bright carnations for funeral arrangement

Everybody’s budget for funeral expenses is different and this needs to be taken into account.

Aside from being pretty, different color carnations have different meanings. In a similar way to red roses, red carnations represent love and admiration.

They can therefore be a good alternative. White carnations symbolize innocence, whilst pink carnations represent gratitude and remembrance.


There’s something about daisies that makes one think about innocence and freedom. Maybe it’s because they grow so freely.

Pretty daisies are a great choice for funeral flower arrangements

There’s also plenty to pick from in the daisy family. The traditional white daisy with a yellow middle that we all know, is often used as part of a floral arrangement if the person who’s passed is a child or infant.

However, there are other options, depending on the meaning you are looking for. For instance, pink gerbera daisies represent admiration.

The Michaelmas daisy is a symbol of saying farewell. It’s easy to see why either of those flowers would work as a mark of respect.

Daisies can also be used to bulk out arrangements containing other flowers.


As is the case with roses and carnations, red tulips symbolize deep love.

Red tulips symbolizing love, ideal choice for funeral flowers

Tulips may appear to be an unusual choice, but with so many varieties and meanings, they can be the ideal flower.

White tulips could also be a popular choice because they symbolize heaven or purity.

Cream tulips symbolize loving someone forever. Black tulips represent strength, which can be an appropriate tribute, depending on the personality of the person who’s passed and the circumstances surrounding their death.

Of course, there are lots of other flowers you could use for an urn floral arrangement, including orchids, hyacinths and chrysanthemums to name a few.

Whatever you decide, it’s important to bear in mind that the types and colors of flowers match the meaning that you wish to convey.

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