Flowers may not have a soul, but they definitely have a way touching our souls. Hear the word 'flowers' and a spectacular world of colors materializes. Each flower color signifies a deeper meaning and expresses a feeling. Just wonder how easy it will be to convey our thoughts if we know what flower colors mean and what these flower color meanings represent. So, just enter the world of flowers and let the flower colors guide you!

 Yellow Flower  

"Flowers are the sweetest things
that God ever made,
and forgot to put a soul into,"

Henry Ward Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858


Flowers are the most generous gift of Mother Nature to the human race. Flowers have been embellishing our surroundings since time immemorial. Every flower has its own personality, traits and characteristics and like many other things man has also ascribed meaning to flowers. Flowers speak a language all their own and which not the ear but only a heart can listen to. Just like many types of flowers, the flower colors also have symbolic meaning.

Red flowers symbolize love & romance. A dozen long-stemmed red roses have been the classic romantic gift from ages. The lighter shade of red flowers is pink flowers. Think pink and you think of grace, gentility, and happiness. Pink flowers are for that special sweet and romantic part of your life. On the other hand, purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success and are presented for accomplishments or just for admiration. While yellow flowers evoke joy and are a symbol of friendship, white flowers convey a sense of peace, innocence, purity and perfection. Blue flowers are very rare and have a calming effect on people. Blue Flowers are a symbol of valued friendship. Energetic and natural, green flowers, reflect self-respect and order. Green flowers are comforting and represent good health and youth.

Flower color meanings have a lot more to say; Flower colors have a significant impact on us and our reactions. Flower colors affect our behavior and grant others an insight into our own feelings and emotions. So, be it Red flowers, Purple flowers, Blue flowers, White flowers, Yellow flowers, Green flowers or Pink flowers, flower colors convey a lot more than what we usually see.

So explore our site and discover a beautiful new way to express without words using instead the mesmerizing flower colors and the meanings symbolized within them!

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